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XML Hierarchy

We designed GLDF to provide a standardized way of exchanging luminaire data between software tools and systems.

A GLDF file consists of three parts: Header, GeneralDefinitions, and ProductDefinitions. The header contains meta-information about the product and file, such as the manufacturer name, version information, time and date of file creation, manufacturer contact information, license keys, and more.

The second part, GeneralDefinitions, defines reusable blocks of information. The file uses these blocks to define Files, Sensors, Photometries, Spectrums, LightSources, ControlGears, Equipments, Emitters, and Geometries.

The third part is called ProductDefinitions. Here is where you put together your information defined in the GeneralDefinitions section to describe the final luminaire product and its variants.

GLDF XML structure dependencies

For a detailed description of the individual parts of the GLDF file, please see the respective sections of the documentation.

General Definitions

Product Definitions