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L3d Editor

L3D is the new 3D geometry file format for GLDF. It is comparable to the old r3d and m3d formats, but modern and open for everyone. DIAL did the first step and provide the first Editor for L3D. With this tool it is much easier to view, edit and create L3D as just with standard text editors. It is a web application running in browsers and free to use. We hope that a larger community will start to investigate the possibilities of GLDF and L3D.

With the L3D Editor it is possible to create a full L3D file from custom geometries, to set light emitter objects (LEO), joints, electrical connectors, sensors, pendulum connectors and light emitting surfaces (LES) and more. The geometries have to be imported from OBJ files - which is an open and very common 3D data format that can be exported from most 3D modelling applications. The tool can open, manipulate and save existing L3D files from/to the local hard drive as well.

Screenshot L3D Editor


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