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Since the whole GLDF and L3D format is open source. As well as our development tools like GLDF.NET and L3D.NET and even this website (source), any contributions are welcome.

Contributing to any project requires coordination between people and processes. Like many others, we're using Github to collaborate. So before contributing, you need to Signup for a free GitHub account. Which is the service where most of our source files are hosted.

And be familiar with the languages behind the projects

  • XML and XSD, which are the languages GLDF and L3D are defined in.
  • Markdown, which is used to write this docs.
  • .NET and C#, which is used to write the libraries.

Follow the steps in the Contributing to projects guide and read through the Git and Github learning ressources as required.
Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding GLDF/L3D: Create an issue in the respective project on Github.