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GLDF Introduction

Welcome to the Global Luminaire Data Format docs. On the upcoming pages, you will discover a wide range of resources:

  • A comprehensive documentation that delves deep into GLDF's capabilities.
  • The GLDF specification and XSD reference for seamless integration and compatibility.
  • Examples and templates for a hopefully smooth starting point.
  • Guides assisting you in best practices using GLDF.
  • Developer notes with tips and insights for your own development.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, we hope will be your go-to source for all details about GLDF.


We will gradually expand and improve the following pages over time. So check back occasionally.

How to use these docs

There are two ways you can approach the following pages:

  1. Seamless Flow: Click on Next below to read through the docs like flipping through the pages of a book. The chapters build on each other and are in an order we think is the best way to learn GLDF and L3D.

  2. Targeted Exploration: If you have specific interests instead, discover the chapters as needed. Our docs are organized into thematic blocks, accessible through the navigation on the left. Feel free to pick and choose the sections that pique your curiosity the most.

The choice is yours, and whatever path you take, we wish you happy exploring!