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L3D Container Specification


  • The container files' underlying format is a standard ZIP archive
  • The container file extension is .L3D

Root Folder Content

  • In the root of the container file, the following elements are expected
    • Mandatory: L3D-XML file, with the file name structure.xml
    • Mandatory: At least one directory with .OBJ file and the corresponding MTL/Texture files if available.

L3D-XML File

  • Filename
    • The filename of the L3D-XML inside the root directory must be structure.xml
  • The L3D-XML file is expected to be valid as follows
    • Valid XML syntax
    • Valid against the referenced l3d.xsd, see below.
    • Invalid XMLs files may not be parsed and lead to errors

L3D-XSD Schema


  • Each model has to be placed in a separate directory where the directory name matches the id of the GeometryFileDefinition which uses the model.
  • All material library and texture files have to be placed in the same directory as the corresponding model.

Model Files

Version 1 of the L3D-Format only supports Wavefront .obj files. Including the material files .mtl . From the material file the diffuse color and diffuse texture data are supported, for now.
The .obj files must not contain more than one object per file.


Supported Texture formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG