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GLDF Requirements

To create the very first GLDF XML on your own, a simple text editor is all you need. Additionally an application to create ZIP archives is required to create the GLDF container afterwards.

However, if you want a little more comfort when writing GLDFs, we recommend an advanced text editor or an IDE right away. Two of the most useful functions when writing XML are

  • XML Schema validation
  • Code completion and IntelliSense

If you do not already use a preferred text editor, we suggest one of the following with the above features:


Notepadd++ for Windows is a free and lightweight editor, but already offers XML schema validation:

Notepad++ Validate feature

Provided the GLDF XSD is referenced (1), Notepad++ marks the faulty parts directly (2):

Notepad++ validation

Visual Studio Code

One step further goes the Visual Studio Code IDE, which is available for all common operating systems. In addition to XML schema validation (1) like in Notepad++, Visual Studio Code also offers full code completion and IntelliSense (2):

Notepad++ validation