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GLDF Container Specification


  • The container files' underlying format is a standard ZIP archive
  • The container file extension is .gldf

Root folder content

In the root of the container file the following elements are expected


  • GLDF-XML file, with the file name product.xml


  • Multiple directories for assets like photometries, images, geometry files and other
  • A meta-information.xml file. Intended for additional information like digital signatures
  • GLDF-XSD Schema file, with the filename gldf.xsd

GLDF-XML file (product.xml)

  • Filename
    • The filename of the GLDF XML inside the root directory must be product.xml
  • The GLDF-XML file is expected to be valid as follows
    • Valid XML syntax
    • Valid against the referenced gldf.xsd, see below
  • Invalid XMLs files may not be parsed and lead to errors


  • The official GLDF-XSD Schema can always be found published on or our Github repository
  • The GLDF-XSD has to be referenced by the GLDF-XML file
  • The GLDF-XSD Schema can be referenced either online or locally inside the container
  • Referenced XSDs which differ from the officially published XSDs may lead to errors. Please use only the published XSDs for validation and development

Meta-Information File (meta-information.xml)

See Meta-Information


  • The root directory may contain further directories
  • These directories can contain assets like images, photometries, spectrums, 3D models or documents
  • Directory names
    • The directory name must reflect the first part of the contentType of the files it contains
    • For possible content types please refer the Files documentation
    • Examples
      • The contenttype for JPG images is image/jpg. The directory name for this asset must be image
      • The contenttype for PNG images is image/png. The directory name for this asset must be image
      • The contenttype for Eulumdat photometries is ldc/eulumdat. The directory name for this asset must be ldc
      • The contenttype for IES photometries is ldc/ies. The directory name for this asset must be ldc

Container example

For a manufacturer with the name ManufacturerXY and a luminaire with the name Pendulum 50W LED, the GLDF file content could have the following structure:

|—— product.xml
|—— meta-information.xml
|—— image/
| |—— productimage.jpg
| |—— familyimage.jpg
|—— ldc/
| |—— lightsource-photometry.ldt
| |—— luminaire-photometry.ldt
|—— geo/
| |—— luminaire-3d-model.l3d
|—— document/
| |—— luminaire-manual.pdf
|—— spectrum/
| |—— lightsource-spectrum.txt

L3D Container

The Luminaire 3D container specification is described here