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L3D .NET Parser

L3D .NET library

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.NET Standard 2.0 library for the Luminaire 3D L3D

With this library it is possible to read and build L3D container files. For that the library exposes two classes Builder and Reader. The Builder has a fluent API for defining all the luminaire parts and build the target container file. With the Reader is is possible to read the content of a L3D container and to parse the containing .obj files at once. So there is no other .obj parser needed.

How to get started


Nuget package

Add the package within your IDE or using the CLI

dotnet add package L3D.Net

Building a L3D container

Builder example:

.AddGeometry("luminairePartName", "path/to/model.obj", GeometricUnits.m, geomOptions => geomOptions
.AddRectangularLightEmittingObject("lightEmittingPartName", 0.5, 0.25, leoOptions => leoOptions

Reading a L3D container

Reader example:

var reader = new Reader();
var container = reader.ReadContainer("path/to/container.l3d");

foreach (var geometryPartDto in container.Parts)
// ...
var model = geometryPartDto.GeometryDefinition.Model;
foreach (var vertex in model.Vertices)
// .obj-Model vertices

// ...

foreach (var lightEmittingPartDto in geometryPartDto.LightEmittingObjects)
// do something for light emitting part

// ...

Questions & Issues

Please use on Github the discussion section for questions or create an issues, when something seems to be wrong.