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A GLDF file can require information, that does not refer to the specific product it provides. This information are more of a technical nature. For this data, a separate file is intended in the GLDF: the meta-information.xml. Its content is specified like the product.xml through a XSD Schema and will be described in this chapter.


The meta-information.xml is not intended to store manufacturers luminaire data.
These have to be written into the product.xml!


Meta Information XSD

name attribute convention

property naming

The convention for the name attribute is the following:


XML example

Let's imagine we have two companies: Acme and ExampleLLC. And both would like to store its own signature.
An exemplary meta-information.xml could therefore look as follows

<Property name="Acme-Signature">41dad678-14fe-4ea9-a7fe-2a5a22e79aae</Property>
<Property name="ExampleLLC-Signature">5437af9d-18c4-485e-b396-1d3d6531fb29</Property>

This example also illustrates how important it is to follow the convention for the name attribute to avoid naming conflicts.