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L3D Editor 1.0 - Final Release

· 4 min read
Developer DIAL

Today we've released the first major version of the L3D Editor 🥳. It contains many bug fixes and is feature-complete, providing everything necessary to create 3D models for GLDF.

This post is a brief summary of what has changed since the beta version. As well as a small preview of the near-term roadmap.

GLDF Container

Release Candidate & Tools

· 2 min read
Developer DIAL

Today we are pleased to publish the first release candidate of the Global Lighting Data Format version 1.0.0. The XSD can be downloaded as usual on Github, as well as in the download section.

We have also developed two new tools that will make it easier to write and read the GLDF and the new geometry format L3D.


· One min read
Business Unit Manager Software DIAL

GLDF is a true teamwork of DIAL and RELUX. The further software development of libraries, tools and the integration in the applications will need many efforts. Here is a preliminary road map with time estimations of the next GLDF development steps.